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Summer Pet Safety

Summer Pet Safety

Protect your pet wth these summer pet safety tips.

We can help you have a safe and happy summer with your pet!

There are many summer safety hazards and annoyances that you may not think of:

Fireworks & Thunderstorm Safety: Fireworks and thunderstorms can cause your pet to act irrationally - even if your pet is very well trained normally, being exposed to fireworks or thunderstorms can cause them to run away unexpectedly. Most long weekends during the summer will have fireworks, so plan ahead to have your pet safely indoors, and to be nearby to comfort them when fireworks are going off.

Skunks & Porcupines: Protect your pet by keeping them on-leash during hikes, and researching wether there is a population of skunks or porcupines in your favourite trail area. Skunks can become a nuisance in residential areas as well, so keep your garbage secure and as scent-free as possible to keep them off your property.

Ticks & Fleas: Visit Baldry Vet to get your season's worth of flea and tick prevention medication. It is a simple drop on the back of your pet's neck that will keep them safe from fleas and ticks for the summer. Don't forget to re-apply every month until November!

Yard & Garden Safety: Some plants can be toxic to pets. Be sure that you are planting and using only pet-safe plants and be careful what types of vegetables you are growing.

Camping with your Pet: In new environments, your pet may act erratically. Keep your pet safe by keeping them on-leash at all times, especially when exploring near waterways.

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Last Updated On: June 08, 2015
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