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In-home Veterinary Visits

In-home Veterinary Visits

Pet care in the convenience and comfort of your home

Call Baldry Veterinary House Call Services for in-home veterinary visits in Barrie, Ontario and surrounding area

Baldry Veterinary House Call Services provides a wide range of basic non emergency services including, but not limited to; physical exams, blood testing, vaccinations, stool analysis, dental health, nutrition and microchipping. We can provide geriatric and hospice consultations, palliative care, and in-home euthanasia services as well.

A mobile veterinary service is convenient, especially for busy families, individuals with disabilities, multi-pet households and senior citizens. In addition, Baldry Veterinary House Call Services is a great option for pets that are shy, get easily scared, get car sick or are difficult to transport due to size or mobility issues - as is often the case with geriatric patients.

Veterinary hospitals are scary and stressful for pets, and we want to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Pets with certain illnesses or injuries may recover faster and more smoothly in their own safe home environment. Overall, no matter the reason we are there to improve quality of life, and keep things more familiar and stress free.

For more information on our house call veterinary services, or to book an in-home veterinary visit, please contact Baldry Veterinary House Call Services in Barrie, Ontario.

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Last Updated On: August 09, 2017
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