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Fall Seasonal Perils Advice

Fall Seasonal Perils Advice

Keep your pets safe and healthy this fall

Baldy Veterinary in Barrie, Ontario has advice about fall seasonal perils affecting pets

Now that summer has drawn to an end, it’s important to remember all those upcoming seasonal toxins that we need to be aware of. For example, table food. Giving table scraps from Thanksgiving dinner can be very unsafe. Some foods can be toxic to your pet, such as some desserts made with xylitol or foods that your pet cannot digest well. That would result in vomiting or diarrhea, and other more severe conditions that could require surgery. If you do not know what exactly you're feeding your pet, it's best not to give it to them despite their sad puppy dog eyes.

As families begin to prepare to winterize garages and their house, keep in mind there are some more dangerous rat poisons to pick from than others. Be sure to place these poisonous baits in areas hidden or high above where your pet can't get into them. There are four different rodenticides available for general use and each has a different and unique result. These rodenticides pose the potential for relay toxicity - if your pet eats a whole bunch of dead mice poisoned by the rodenticides, they too may get secondary effects from this. Keep your pet safe, and stay aware.

There are dangers that also lie in compost bins. These piles of decomposing and moulding food products have serious potential to contain toxins that are not only toxic to your pet but also your wildlife. The smallest amount can result in dangerous signs within 30 mins or as long as several house after. These signs can include hyperthermia, panting, drooling, vomiting, agitation and more serious signs such as tremors and seizures.

The best thing any pet owner can do is to be educated on common household toxins (both inside the house and out in the garden!), and to make sure you pet proof your house appropriately. Make sure to keep all these products in labeled, tightly-sealed containers out of your pet’s reach.

Call Baldry Veterinary in Barrie, Ontario if you have an questions about seasonal issues affecting your pets!

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Last Updated On: September 01, 2016
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